Hello again. I opened this thread because Marisa and Mossy Mos are under global ban because of these accounts named: MARISA1980 and MOSSY MOS. Don't be shy. Come now and discuss what will happen with those real and impostor accounts. If you found simillar account, create an alt and post it to as. It still spreading.... so Wikia Staff should be block the Impostor Trollers instead of Real Users! so please bring them back!!!  and you need your alt account or spare account if you got this problem! it is real emergency!

We have 11/20 points before we can proceed to the next step

Για να μαρκάρετε την σύνοψή σας, να βάζετε τα {{Stance}} ή {{Stance(2-5)} σε κάθε συζήτηση